CNN Reports Sparks Historical Debate

June 17, 2024

The story of Benjamin Franklin famously responding to a question about the established government following his exit from the Constitutional Convention is well-known. His response? “A republic, if you can keep it.”

This tale is a staple in many middle and junior high school government classes throughout the US. It’s here that students learn that the United States is a Constitutional Republic. However, is this understanding of our government universally accepted in every education system?

The Constitution itself promises a Republican Form of Government to every State in the Union. This term refers not to the political party, but to the form of governance. Yet, it seems that some suggest that this commonly accepted fact may not be so.

Recently, Jamie Gangel suggested that those who identify as MAGA advocates were spreading conspiracy theories by insisting that our government is a “republic”. Her post was later deleted following public backlash. A further televised segment seemed to question the reality that the US is, indeed, a republic.

In this segment, Donie O’Sullivan on CNN interviewed author Anne Applebaum, asking, “Is America a democracy?” Applebaum responded, “America is a democracy. It was founded as a democracy.” O’Sullivan appeared unsettled by the idea of Americans, who consider themselves patriots, asserting that America is not a democracy.

The whole point of the interview was to knock Trump supporters who correctly say that America is a constitutional republic.

Applebaum attempted to blur the lines between the terms “republic” and “democracy.” Yet, the Founders deliberately rejected the notion of a pure or direct democracy due to fears of mob rule. They sought to protect individual liberties, minorities, and the rule of law. While some might argue that the US could be described as a representative democracy since the people elect their representatives, it’s perhaps more accurate to call it a Constitutional Republic.

Remember the whole talking point is “Trump is bad for democracy.”

In a pure democracy, mob rule could potentially strip away individual rights (which is what the left wants). In contrast, a Constitutional Republic upholds the rule of law and safeguards individual liberties through checks from the courts. This is the point that MAGA followers are referencing, and it’s not concerning—it’s a foundational aspect of our government.

What’s crazy is that the supposive wizards of smart at CNN don’t understanding the difference.

A great piece from the very conservative NPR (complete sarcasm) actually proves the point that America is a Constitutional Republic with democratic principles. Surprise, the high-minded CNN hosts didn’t find that.

Once again, the left thought they were slamming Trump supporters only to show just how ignorant they are.



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