Rebecca Traister Writes Piece Examining Women On The Left

June 18, 2024

The irony is palpable when the party that struggles to define what a woman is, decides to critique and categorize Republican women. A recent article, seemingly tailored for a liberal audience with the presidential election looming, portrays Republican women as right-wing extremists, with an exaggerated emphasis on femininity while paradoxically advocating for women’s strength.

The female author appears not to comprehend that these characteristics can coexist harmoniously. Liberal women have a long history of reproaching Republican women. The author suggests that Republican women have a heightened focus on gender identity, contraception, and sex education in the United States post-Dobbs.

many believe these are all family-related issues. Progressively-oriented women don’t perceive these issues in the same vein as Republican women. While the Republican Party generally upholds a more traditional view of family, it doesn’t preclude flexibility, especially on an individual family basis.

Discussing gender identity, Republican women argue that these topics should not be exposed in classroom lessons for young children. Such discussions should occur within the family, guided by their personal beliefs. The left typically labels this as bigotry and homophobia. Yet, Republican families, like any other, love their children unconditionally, even if they identify as gay.

This principle extends to sex education. It’s not suitable for young children in a classroom setting, but appropriate for older students. The notion that Republican women oppose sex education is a tired old talking point from the late 80s. They simply object to it being used to advance the leftists narrative.

The contraception controversy, stirred up every election cycle as Democrats guide the conversation towards abortion, is another misrepresentation. Republicans don’t aim to prohibit contraception sales. Indeed, Republican women use contraception just like everyone else. What they don’t support is abortion as a contraception method. They advocate for measures like parental knowledge when minors seek to purchase birth control.

The way some left-leaning women view Republican women resembles observing animals in a zoo. The author uses extreme examples of a few Republican women to underline her points. You could almost hear the bitterness in her voice.

All women are strong. They are biologically designed to give birth and raise children. There is nothing unusual or weak about valuing traditional family life and religious principles.

The apparent hypocrisy of the left emerges in their double standards. They criticize women who support Donald Trump, conveniently overlooking the indiscretions of previous presidents.

The author also criticizes Representative Nancy Mace, who manages to balance being both feminine and formidable. She’s an accomplished woman who graduated from The Citadel and has been both a stay-at-home mom and a working professional.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC)

Republican women believe that women should live their lives as they see fit, whether that means being a stay-at-home mom or establishing a career while raising children. Contrary to the left’s narrow view, Republican women believe in the freedom of choice.

Progressive women don’t respect Republican women because they don’t adhere to their ideology. They’re the ones who lack independent thinking, only supporting those who share their beliefs.





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