Secret Service Agent Robbed After Biden Event

June 18, 2024

Shortly after President Joe Biden attended a fundraising event in Los Angeles, a U.S. Secret Service suffered another embarrassing event.

Recently, an agent was removed from Vice President Kamala Harris detail after getting into a fight with other agents while on duty. Now, following Biden’s LA fundraiser an agent was robbed.

The event took place on Saturday evening within a residential area in Southern California, according to the Tustin Police Department. The Secret Service employee was on his way back from a work assignment when he was robbed at gunpoint of his bag.

The agent, did fire his service weapon. Nevertheless, it’s still unknown whether the suspect was harmed during the encounter since the suspect hasn’t yet been found. The Tustin Police Department is, of course, making every effort to locate the perpetrator, but so far, the suspect remains on the loose.

The Secret Service has shared details about the incident, although they’ve exercised the necessary discretion concerning the agent’s identity. Secret Service spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi, issued a statement about the incident, informing that the agent didn’t suffer any injuries during the ordeal. He also mentioned that the agent was returning from a work assignment when the unfortunate incident took place. For his safety and to uphold the integrity of the ongoing investigation, the agent’s name hasn’t been disclosed.

From NPR:

According to the Tustin Police Department, the agent’s bag was stolen, and investigators have since found some of his belongings in the area. Police haven’t located any suspects.

Investigators released a photo of what they believe is a 2004-2006 silver Infiniti FX35 or a similar vehicle that was spotted leaving the scene.

Biden was in town for a glitsy fundraiser where he hauled in $30 million.

However, it was also the same event that featured Biden claiming that unemployment is high and was escorted off stage by Obama.




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