Bush Does Interview Following Release Of Memoir

June 19, 2024

Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has increasingly come under scrutiny, not for her political activities, but for some claims she made public during an interview. Recently, the Congresswoman published the memoir “The Forerunner: A Story of Pain and Perseverance in America” Bush details her experiences as a faith healer and asserts an almost mystical ability to heal others.

One of the stories she shares involves a toddler who had never walked due to a brain hemorrhage shortly after birth. Bush describes how the child was able to walk upon her prompting, an event she recounts with wonder, emphasizing the child’s grandmother’s astonished reactions.

In another astonishing tale, Bush details her meeting with a woman with multiple tumors on her torso. Despite the woman’s absence of health insurance and her upcoming surgery, Bush asserts that she managed to shrink the woman’s tumors through prayer and laying of hands.

In her memoir, Bush proposes that her healing abilities are the manifestation of divine power within her. The claim, however, is difficult to validate, and the correlation between these accounts and reality remains uncertain.

The timing of these revelations is drawing interest. With the Missouri primary election just under two months away, Bush is caught in a tight race against primary challenger Wesley Bell. Her campaign funding is trailing behind Bell’s, and her memoir has not met expected sales, moving only 729 copies in its first week. This sudden return of her healing narratives is seen as unusual. Additionally, she’s also under federal investigation over her campaign’s use of security funds.



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