Podcaster Comments NFL QB’s Wife Statement

June 24, 2024

We have some fresh sports drama involving ESPN star Stephen A. Smith and Kelly Stafford, the wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Recently, Kelly Stafford shared on the “Off the Vine” podcast that she once dated her husband’s backup quarterback from his time at Georgia in order to make him jeloius and date her exclusively. This revelation led ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith to question why she chose to publicly share this particular part of her past.

Stephen A. Smith, on his podcast, responded, asking, “How is it that you know that men have egos, but you forget that when it comes to your own man?” He appeared puzzled and slightly annoyed as to why Kelly would reveal her prior association with Matthew’s backup, especially considering she shares four children with Matthew. “What advantage could you get from that?” he asked.

Kelly’s explanation? She dated the backup quarterback to irk Matthew, and it worked! She characterized Matthew as a sweet Southern gentleman, while the backup was evidently the polar opposite, which frustrated Matthew. The situation further intensifies as it turns out they were not just teammates but roommates too!

So why bring it up? Who knows, but it may have something to do with the fact that the NFL is turning into a reality TV show with the player’s wives getting involved. It’s possible that Stafford’s wife is trying to get some publicity like Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes wife is getting now that she’s best friends with Taylor Swift.




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