Boebert Wins Primary

June 26, 2024

We have an intriguing political update. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, a Republican representative from Colorado, recently garnered attention by securing a primary victory for her re-election campaign. A hearty congratulations to Boebert!

You might wonder if she just won her election in 2022. Indeed, she did! Here’s the interesting part: Boebert switched districts. Previously representing the 3rd district, she transitioned to the more Republican-dense 4th district. As Boebert explained, the change was a strategic move to ensure another Republican could take over her old district, which was changed after Democrat gerrymandering.

Despite the media’s hit pieces regarding her family and RINOs openly mocking her, Beobert kept at it.

Boebert’s victory in the primary positions her well for the general election in November in her new district. This expansive district comprises ranches, ghost towns, and some conservative sectors of the Denver metro area.

As for the seat Boebert vacated, it won’t be left unoccupied. Republican Greg Lopez, a previous mayor, is anticipated to clinch a special election designed to fill the remainder of the term.

Boebert, known for her staunch allegiance to former President Trump, faced criticism last September. The media released a video of a disturbance during a performance of the “Beetlejuice” musical at a Denver theater. Her actions ranged from singing and laughing to recording and vaping.




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