Trump, who repeatedly attacked Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, is now announcing new funding for the island’s recovery as he seeks Puerto Rican votes. View Entire Post ›
The record was held by Barack Obama, who in the 2008 election received 69,498,516 votes when he beat John McCain, the late Republican senator.
The states with the highest risk for election-related violence by armed extremist groups are Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Oregon.
The campaigns have focused on Colombian American voters in Florida as international political endorsements and Marxist conspiracy theories make their way to Miami.
The clock is ticking and foreign adversaries are watching, experts and past government officials said.
In 2016, support for Donald Trump surged in Northeast Ohio. But the 2019 closure of GM's plant in Lordstown may have changed residents' views.
Republicans have garnered over 40 percent of Latino support in previous races, and Trump's messaging — and frequent, targeted outreach — resonated with more Latino voters.
In many ways, a vice president’s most important constitutional duty is simply to stay alive.
Doug Emhoff, married to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, will be the first male spouse of any vice president or president. Here's what to know.       
Democrats won two seats held by Republicans: in Colorado and Arizona. But Republicans held off challengers in Iowa, Montana and South Carolina.
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