Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee may try to disrupt the proceedings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, but come Oct. 22, "we're going to vote her out of committee," Sen. Lindsey Graham, who chairs the group, said Monday morning before the proceedings...
In Michigan, Democrat incumbent Senator Gary Peters leads Republican challenger John James in the final weekend before Election Day.  The PoliticalIQ poll has Peters in front of James among Likely Voters, 50% to 41%.  The poll, conducted...
Democrats won two seats held by Republicans: in Colorado and Arizona. But Republicans held off challengers in Iowa, Montana and South Carolina.
Republicans aim to confirm Barrett to the Court before Election Day, and Democrats acknowledge they lack the votes to block her confirmation.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., discussed what impact Amy Coney Barrett would have on decisions made in the Supreme Court on issues such as the Affordable Care Act in her opening remarks for the confirmation hearings.
Graham was reelected despite his Democratic opponent raising more money than any Senate candidate in history.
President Donald Trump and his aides on Tuesday appeared resigned to waiting until after the election to get a coronavirus stimulus package and put blame on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the delay.
The fight for a majority in the chamber is most likely to be decided in Colorado, Arizona, Maine, North Carolina and Iowa. And there may be some surprises.
The Democratic challenger accused the Republican incumbent of being a "crook."
The final weeks of the presidential election cycle are going to feature a lot of President Donald Trump speaking directly to the electorate and Judge Amy Coney Barrett inspiring independent voters, according Trump campaign pollster Jim McLaughlin on Newsmax.
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