Even in a more low-key, boring debate like Wednesday's between Vice President Pence and Senator Harris,       
Chris Wallace was drawn into the vicious debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday night, with the Fox News anchor growing visibly frustrated over the course of the unruly 90-minute spectacle in which he struggled to..
A raucous and chaotic clash between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden gave Americans their first chance to weigh their choices side by side in a White House contest that has until now remained remarkably stable.The coronavirus...
Frank Fahrenkopf, a co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates, said President Trump’s campaign has presented “no evidence whatsoever” that he has tested negative for the coronavirus amid controversy over the remaining presidential...
Biden released the return and disclosure just hours before the first presidential debate, where Trump is expected to face questions over his tax returns. (Image credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP)
The Two presidential candidates will face off for the first time on Tuesday.
Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign said it raised a one-hour record of $3.8 million during the first presidential debate against President Trump on Tuesday.Biden campaign manager Kate Bedingfield told reporters Wednesday that the campaign...
The Biden campaign said Thursday it still planned to take part in the debate.       
The 2020 debate cycle began with 20 Democratic candidates over two nights in Miami. (Remember that?)
Joe Biden called out President Donald Trump's record on race relations during the final presidential debate.
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