Car inventory continues to decline each month, giving consumers less options when car shopping. Many are going out of state to purchase new or used.      
Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat, will try to tie his opponent, Glenn Youngkin, to former President Donald Trump, while Mr. Youngkin will try to sidestep Mr. Trump but not reject him.
A Nevada law waiting for the governor’s signature would switch the state’s caucus to a primary and move it up on the calendar Nevada would like to go first. Lawmakers in the state are waiting for Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak to...
Rep. Jamaal Bowman, Jumaane D. Williams Ranked choice voting is the fairer, more representative, future of American elections, and we’re excited to welcome it to New York City. The post In New York City, Ranked Choice Voting Puts the People in...
Florida's governor signed a new law that puts new restrictions on voting. Opponents have already filed lawsuits, saying it's aimed at suppressing the Democratic vote.
Trump and allies criticize Pence for refusing to help overturn the 2020 election; yet some GOP members who don't like Trump see him as a supplicant.      
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) staved off censure from the Maine Republican Party on Saturday, after some state party leaders pushed to punish her for voting to convict President Donald Trump during his Senate trial last month.
The tweet came at the very end of a day in which Trump worked to rescind an apparent acknowledgement that Biden had won.
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As the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden continues to narrow, the next battleground looks to be the courtroom. Latest news.
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