The Justice Department on Friday sued Roger Stone alleging nearly $2 million in unpaid tax bills that date back more than a decade. The lawsuit is the latest legal battle for the longtime ally of former President Donald Trump...
Presiding over Prince Philip's intimate funeral on Saturday, the dean of Windsor (the spiritual head of St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle) praised the Duke of Edinburgh's "kindness, humor, and humanity," as well as his "unwavering loyalty" to Queen Elizabeth II and his service in the Royal Navy. The tribute was concise and, as per Philip's request, the dean did not deliver a sermon. "We remember the many ways in which his long life has been a blessing to us" Right Reverend David Conner, Dean of Windsor, read the bidding at the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral service at St George's Chapel, Windsor — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) April 17, 2021 Only 30 people, including Philip's grandsons William and Harry, were at the ceremony in person because of coronavirus restrictions. The attendees wore masks and remained socially distanced, based on households. The queen sat in a section of a pew by herself, which prompted people to comment on how the "striking" scene was representative of how many people have had to grieve this last year because of the pandemic. For many of us who lost someone over the past year, this picture is how we felt, and even still feel. There was much vicarious grief today: in a sense, the Dean of Windsor and Archbishop of Canterbury committed many thousands to eternal rest, and comforted millions of the living. — Adrian Hilton (@Adrian_Hilton) April 17, 2021
Prince Harry and Will met for the first time in over a year at Prince Philip's funeral, after Harry expressed hope of healing a strained relationship.      
According to a report from the Washington Post, there are rumblings within the Republican Party over the fact that Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel is siding too much with Donald Trump over the party as the GOP attempts to regroup following the loss of both the White House and the Senate in the 2020 election.As the report notes, since Trump lost to now-President Joe Biden, the RNC head has gone to extraordinary lengths to remain in Trump's camp by making trips to Mar-a-Lago to consult with him despite the fact he holds no office.The Post's Josh Dawsey wrote, "Since Trump left office, McDaniel has taken a hands-on approach to staying in Trump's good graces — meeting with him privately at Mar-a-Lago, having the RNC spend more than $100,000 to hold the donor event at his club and regularly conferring with him, even after the deadly Capitol riot on Jan. 6."However, as the re[port explains, her closeness to Trump has some conservatives upset that she is not looking out for the long-term interests of the party while the former president takes potshots at the GOP's leadership.According to the report, the RNC is set to meet next week in Dallas for its first since the election and McDaniel is "under increasing pressure from some of the committee's members to show more independence from the former president" after Trump called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) a "dumb son of a bitch" in front of GOP donors in a Mar-a-Lago speech last week."While Trump maintains broad support throughout the party, some of the RNC's 168 committee members want to see the party create at least a modicum of distance from Trump — or at least grapple with the fact the GOP lost the White House, Senate and House during his administration and reflect on how to improve its fortunes in 2022 and 2024, according to multiple party officials and committee members," the report states with influential Henry Barbour, a national committeeman, bluntly stating: "We've got to be clear-eyed about the last cycle. We lost."Addressing the fact that the RNC paid Trump $100,000 to hold the fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Barbour added, "Could you imagine if the RNC held a similar event at Ted Cruz's home or Mitt Romney's home or any other potential candidate's home? Trump is a major force in the party, but the party must be bigger than any one candidate, including Donald Trump."His view was echoed by Bill Palatucci, a national committeeman from New Jersey, who lamented, "some of us in purple states sit back and just roll our eyes" at the goings-on like last week's event.Palatucci went on to add that McDaniel has installed Trump loyalists in key positions within the RNC which doesn't bode well for the future of the party."The challenge facing McDaniel and other party officials is that Trump is not retreating from the spotlight, as past presidents have, and has made it clear that he plans to continue to attack other Republicans," Dawsey reported. "For her part, McDaniel has told others that she wants to make sure Trump does not start a third party. And she is conscious that the former president is Trump is the "golden goose" for fundraising, one person close to her said."Added Palatucci, "Ronna is in a terribly difficult position. She's trying to maintain the donor base, which likes the president, but she's got to navigate a lot of primary fights."You can read more here.
Ken Chenault, former American Express CEO, helped organize business leaders from companies including Target, Starbucks and Bank of America to sign a statement against what they call “discriminatory legislation” that impacts the right to vote. 
Official asked staff to do personal tasks such as making restaurant reservations, shopping, caring for dog, but won't face disciplinary measures.
MIAMI — Matt Gaetz’s former girlfriend has told friends she’s worried that the woman who is key to the federal government’s sex-crimes investigation tried to get her to incriminate the Florida lawmaker on a recorded call. The revelation raises the...
President Joe Biden signed an emergency determination Friday that keeps refugees admissions to the U.S. at a Trump-era cap of 15,000.      
Stone, a well-known GOP political operative, served as a campaign adviser to Trump.
Threats to boycott major companies don’t pack the same punch they once did.
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