Pelosi: Attack On Husband Impacted Election

November 14, 2022

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Sunday that the October 28 home invasion and violent attack that left her husband Paul with a fractured skull had an impact on the outcome of Tuesday’s midterm election. 

“We’ve been so comforted by the outpouring of so many prayers and good wishes and even people saying, ‘I wasn’t going to vote but now I’m going to vote because this has gone too far,'” Speaker Pelosi said on ABC’s This Week.

She elaborated further on CNN’s State of Union. “It wasn’t just the attack, it was the Republican reaction to it which was disgraceful,” she said. “Imagine how I feel as the one who was the target, and my husband paying the price, and the traumatic effect on our family. But that trauma, it’s intensified by the ridiculous, disrespectful attitude of the Republicans. And there’s nobody that disassociated themselves from the horrible response they gave to it.”

Police say 42-year-old David DePape broke into the Pelosis’ California home while the Speaker was in Washington and bludgeoned 82-year-old Paul Pelosi’s skull with a hammer. Prosecutors say DePape intended to kidnap the Speaker, interrogate her and break her kneecaps if she “lied” to him.

Several prominent Republicans mocked or furthered conspiracy theories about the attack in the days immediately afterward.

Meanwhile, the results of nearly two dozen House races remain outstanding, roughly half of them in Speaker Pelosi’s home state of California, leaving which political party will hold majority in the 118th Congress up in the air. CNN anchor Dana Bash asked Pelosi if she thought Democrats would keep the House, to which she replied, “Well, we’ll see.” 

Ahead of Election Day, 82-year-old Pelosi told CNN that the attack on her husband would factor into any retirement decisions.

When Bash on Sunday asked if she planned to run for Democratic Leader again in the November 30 House elections, Pelosi replied, “Any decision to run is about family and also my colleagues,” but went on to add, “There are all kinds of ways to exert influence. It’s just, the Speaker has awesome power, but I will always have influence.” 



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