Georgia Runoff Breaks Early Voting Records

December 5, 2022

More that 1.85 million Georgians have voted early in the state’s Senate run-off election Tuesday between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and Herschel Walker (R), breaking two single-day records in about a week.

That’s according to the office of the Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Among those who have already turned out, 56% were women and 44% men. White voters made up 55% of early voters, 32% were Black, and Latinos and Asian Americans each accounted for less than 2% of the total.

Of note, more than 76,000 early voters in the runoff did not vote in the 2022 midterm general election, according to, a site that uses public data to analyze voting trends.

Among Georgians under 30 years old, 15.5% of early runoff voters did not vote in the general, while 8.4% of Hispanics and 9.5% of Asian Americans who have voted in the runoff did not turn out November 8 for the general.

Former President Obama campaigned in Georgia last week, trying energize Democrats to vote for incumbent Senator Warnock. Meanwhile, the state’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp, who’d kept his distance from Walker during the general election while waging his own reelection battle, has been out stumping for the former NFL player.

Because Democrats held onto the Senate Majority in the midterm elections thanks to Vice President Harris’ tie-breaking vote, a Warnock win in Georgia would only cement Democrats’ majority while a Walker win would keep the Senate 50/50 with Harris breaking any ties in favor of Democrats.

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