Final Trump co-defendant Harrison Floyd granted bond

August 30, 2023

Harrison Floyd, a Trump supporter and co-defendant, was granted a $100,000 bond Tuesday, the last of the 19 co-defendants to reach a bond agreement.

Floyd and the other co-defendents, including former President Trump, were indicted on racketeering and other charges related to the attempt to overturn the 2020 Presidential election in Georgia.

The 39-year-old was arrested has been held in custody since his surrender Thursday afternoon at Fulton County jail, and as of this Tuesday evening, inmate records showed he had not been released. The New York Times attempted but could not reach Floyd’s attorney for comment.

Floyd, who is associated with the organization Black Voices for Trump, joined a meeting by phone with entertainment publicist and fellow co-defendant Trevian Kutti, during which the pair spoke with election worker Ruby Freeman.

Freeman and her daughter and fellow election worker Shaye Moss had been targeted by former President Trump and his then-attorney Rudy Giuliani by baselessly claiming the pair were counting fake mail-in ballots. Those claims have been refuted repeatedly by local and federal officials, and in a July court filing in a lawsuit against Giuliani, another of the 19 co-defendants, he admitted that he had told lies about Freeman and Moss.

Along with racketeering, with which all 19 co-defendants are charged, Floyd faces two additional criminal counts: conspiracy to commit solicitation of false statements and writings, and influencing witnesses.

Earlier this year, Floyd was also charged with attacking an FBI agent working on the Special Counsel Jack Smith’s federal investigation into Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

On Thursday evening, Trump surrendered at Fulton Count Jail related to 13 criminal counts in Georgia, and like all the other co-defendants he had his mug shot taken.

Trump and most of his co-defendants, including Floyd, are set to be arraigned in Georgia September 6, though a handful, including Kutti, have already turned themselves in early and waived arraignment which would take place in front of courtroom cameras.

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