Zelensky calls for operational changes in Ukraine’s army

November 20, 2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday called for swift operational changes in the country’s military after he dismissed the army’s Medical Forces commander.

Tetiana Ostashchenko’s dismissal came after months of criticism from combat medics about the poor quality of supplies for Ukraine’s troops.

She was replaced by Anatolii Kazmirchuk, head of the National Military Medical Clinical Center in Kyiv, Zelensky announced in his evening address on Sunday.

“We need a fundamentally new level of medical support for our soldiers,” Zelensky said.

“From high-quality tourniquets to full digitalization and transparency in supply, from high-quality training to sincere communication with combat medics in those units where medicine is deployed correctly and effectively.”

He added, “The task is obvious—and this has been repeatedly discussed in society, in particular in the community of our combat medics—a fundamentally new level of medical support for our soldiers is needed.”

On Monday, two Ukrainian cyber defense officials were dismissed amid an investigation into alleged embezzlement.

Ukraine has stepped up efforts to curtail corruption as it pursues membership in the European Union. The 27-member nation organization has made Ukraine’s tamping down on corruption a key prerequisite for negotiations to begin.

PHOTO: Zelensky (left) and Tetiana Ostashchenko (center) visit military hospital, March 2022

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